To Get a Assistance For Youth Group’s Short Term Mission Team(Metro Atlanta Area Only):
(Small churches have a higher priority on selection.)

** Document will be received by US First-Class Mail or email**

Required Documents: Send all documents together.

  1. A document contains a name of church, a religious body which a church belongs to, a pastor in charge, and the average number of members attending a service on Sunday.
  2. A senior pastor’s recommendation.
  3. A brief history of a missionary work in the past.
  4. Last two weeks’ weekly newspaper (Ju-Bo).
  5. A place or location where a missionary work takes place.
  6. A history of missionary work done by a local missionary.
  7. What is a goal of youth group’s short term mission team?
  8. A number of team members and contact information of team leader (name, email and phone number).
  9. A team’s schedule and program approved by a missionary at missionary location.
  10. A preparation plan for this mission (schedule and program).
  11. Reason why you need this support.

***The amount of the awards will be decided after screening.***

***All documents received are not returned back.***




5903-B Peachtree Industrial Blvd. Norcross, GA  30092


By email:

Announcement of the awards: TBA

Date of Award Ceremony: TBA

Place of Award Ceremony: TBA