The Choson Foundation Scholarship is awarded based on scholastic record, quality of character, and financial need.

To be considered for the Choson Foundation Scholarship, the following criteria must be met:

1. Applicant must be of Korean descent (i.e. at least one parent must be Korean).

2. Applicant must be a legal resident of the state of Georgia.

3. Scholarships are applied only for students living in Metro Atlanta area.

Students who scholarships are awarded must be contact us and students must be personally attend at the ceremony.
Otherwise, scholarship will be canceled and the scholarship goes to the next candidate.


Twenty students will be awarded with the amount of $2,500.00 each for the 2021 scholarship.

Application Submission Requirements:

** Applications will only be received by email(david@am-ko.com) ONLY; NO exceptions **

Download Scholarship Application (.pdf)  

Download a Microsoft Word version (.doc)

Note: To view the application, you will need the
free Adobe Acrobat Reader software.


Required Documents: (Send all documents together.)

  1. Academic Transcripts for the two most recent years. (Must be an official school copy; photocopies of personal records will NOT be accepted)

  2. Letter of recommendation.

  3. A recent photo of the applicant taken within the past 12 months.

  4. One (1) copy of full pages of the parents’ or legal guardians’ most recent federal income tax return including schedules. If parents are doing business, first 4 pages of income tax return for business or corporation tax return should be submitted.

  5. Student Essay. Applicant essay topic is: Describe your long term goals both personally and professionally. Furthermore, explain in detail why you need a scholarship.  The essay must be typed and labeled with the applicant’s name on the upper left-hand corner of each page.

  6. All documents received are not returned back.

Application Deadline:

To be announced

Date of Award Ceremony:

To be announced

Place of Award Ceremony:

To be announced